Please note that all guests, including children staying at the Palau Amazonas Hotel, must necessarily present a valid ID upon check-in, which can be a passport or ID.

As a guest at the Palau Amazonas Hotel, our policies are designed to improve your stay and ensure maximum comfort and convenience at all times. Consider the following policies:


Reservations can be made through our website or our phone + 5165231418, Cell + 51965605740, RPM # 944048 or through our Facebook PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL

The names to which the reservation is made will be the same as those of the people staying at the hotel, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel it. In any case, if a change is made in the name, the hotel should be notified in advance to avoid inconveniences.

It is the client's responsibility to verify the reservation (dates of stay, type of room, price per room, name and number of customers, etc.), for this you can contact us through email or phone to secure the data. PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL does not assume responsibility for faults when booking. Reservations will be accepted according to room availability.



The reserved and paid rooms will be kept for check-in until 01:00 the day after the reservation date, then the reservation will be considered canceled and PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL has the right to put on sale the rooms reserved during the days remaining of the stay to other clients. No refunds will be made for the canceled reservation. All payment will be in advance at the time of check-in


If you check out beyond the stipulated time, the PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL reserves the right to, without prior notice, charge and charge the stay for an additional night and remove your belongings and put them in the luggage storage and deny access to the room. PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL is not responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result of this action.


Children 6 years old and younger are free as long as they share a bed with an adult, and they do not have the right to free breakfast. Only 2 children under 6 years old are allowed per room. From 6 years old they will pay as adults and will be entitled to free breakfast. Extra person of age sharing bed and room will pay an additional 25 soles and without the right to free breakfast.

Extra bed in room (single bed) will cost 45 soles with the right to free breakfast (subject to room space)


Visits will be allowed for both adults and minors, for which they must submit their ID or passport, without exception. Visits to guests will only be accepted until 1.am, after that time the guest will be charged a cost of 25 soles per extra person in a room and without the right to free breakfast.


For the comfort and safety of all guests, pets are not allowed.


For the comfort and safety of the guest we have personal safety boxes in the rooms, however we recommend always take care and store your valuables or money. The hotel is not responsible for any loss that occurs during the stay or the use of safe deposit boxes .

We also have security cameras in all common areas of the hotel. For customer safety and in case of trips out of town and / or stay at lodges in the jungle, we ask our clients who plan or have paid their stay back to the hotel to give us the name of the lodge or the company that will do the service and be aware of the return of them. We do this to ensure that it is a properly registered lodge or company and to prevent fraud and theft.


  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards - Visa / Master Card / American Express / Diners

Reservations can be paid through a bank deposit to our account or through a transfer from another bank. We also accept payments via Western Union. In some cases, payment will be accepted upon arrival at the hotel through VISA and Mastercard. In case of payments in foreign currency, the change to soles will be made taking as the exchange rate the amount that the hotel applies. The client can also pay in US Dollars in cash if he so wishes


Cancellations of a room reservation must be received at least 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date. Policies may differ on the date of arrival and the type of room. If the cancellation of a reservation already paid is not received on the required date (48 hours before), the hotel will apply a penalty of at least one night's accommodation. If you want to change dates, category of room or name of the holder of the reservation; the original reservation must be canceled proceeding to make a new one. The hotel must be notified of any changes at least 3 days in advance.


If you plan to arrive early in the day and want immediate access to your room, we recommend reserving and paying for the room the night before to guarantee immediate access. Similarly, for late departures, booking and paying an additional night will guarantee access to your room until your departure. However we give you the option of paying ½ room rate reserved until 8 pm, as long as there is availability of the room already used. Also for arrivals very early in the morning you can pay ½ fee to have immediate access.


At PALAU Amazonas Hotel, a guaranteed reservation will ensure a room even if you register late (after 2:00 p.m.). All bookings made through the website, email or phone must be paid in advance in our bank account to ensure the reservation, otherwise we can not secure it. .


The hotel does a free shuttle service from the airport (one leg) as long as the reservation is at least 2 days and with the regular price. In these cases the reservation must have been paid in full at least 48 hours before the arrival of the client. For purposes of picking up the airport, the client must send the airline data, flight number and arrival time previously by email or by phone at least one day in advance to make the corresponding coordination.

In case of no show of reservations already paid, the total cost of this transport will be deducted from the client, if he had requested it. .


Room prices are calculated per room and per night. Breakfasts are served according to the rate and in some cases are not included.

The prices are in S /. Soles and in US dollars. In case of payments in foreign currency, the change to soles will be made taking as the exchange rate the amount that the hotel applies. The client can also pay in US dollars in cash if he so wishes.

The prices of the rooms and the information is correct at the time of publication and information via e-mail or telephone and are subject to change without prior notice.


The hotel rooms are designed to house the right number of people according to the description of each room. In some cases you can add an additional bed (with cost), or a person sharing a bed (with cost) for which you must inform the hotel in advance. Under no circumstances may one or more additional persons be accommodated in a room that is not enabled for this purpose.


The rooms at the PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL are the following:

  • - Single room (1 person) 1 double bed (maximum occupancy 1 adult)
  • - Economy double room (2 people) 1 double bed (maximum occupancy 2 adults)
  • - Double room (2 people) 1 Queen bed (maximum occupancy 2 adults 1 child under 5 years old on the reservation date)
  • - Double room 2 beds (2 people) 2 double beds (maximum occupancy 2 adults 2 children under 6 years old on the reserved date)
  • - Triple room (3 people) 2 double beds plus 1 single (maximum occupancy 3 people)
  • - Economy quadruple room (4 people) 2 double beds (maximum occupancy 4 people)
  • - Junior Suite (2 people) 1 King size bed (maximum occupancy 2 people plus one child under 6 years)


Smoking is prohibited in hotel rooms and in all facilities. PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL has a strict NO SMOKING policy. In case of doing so, the guest will be given a warning and if he does not comply, he will authorize us to interrupt his reservation and in the extreme case he should leave the hotel immediately without the option of refunding the payment.


It is not allowed to bring to the hotel:

  • - Pets
  • - Electrical appliances that generate heat (such as plates) or noise
  • - Cooking appliances
  • - Prepared meals to the rooms
  • -Firearms
  • -Any type of drug

PALAU AMAZONAS hotel reserves the right to remove and / or confiscate any of the above items that are in any room of the hotel immediately and without prior notice to you and to charge for the costs incurred by taking such action or for any loss or damage caused to the hotel room, premises or property or to any hotel guest, our staff or any other person or the reputation of or a third party as a result of your breach of this policy.


Any person, housed or not in the hotel, in groups or individually who is responsible for damage to the property in rooms, common areas and other areas during your stay will be charged according to the damages produced, which should be paid before departure from the hotel. The hotel can initiate legal actions against the persons responsible for the damages without prior notice.

PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL reserves the right to ask you to leave the hotel and remove your belongings from the room immediately if we consider that in our opinion, you have used the room in an irresponsible manner or have caused damages to the room in a way that compromises security of the hotel facilities, the other clients, employees or any person or the reputation of the PALAU AMAZONAS HOTEL, without any compensation and / or no refund. We reserve the right to charge any damage to the property generated during the stay at the hotel.


In case of no show of a reservation of several days and that has not been previously notified to the hotel this will remain valid until the time of check out of the first day booked, later the reservation will be canceled and the hotel reserves the right to release the rooms to be sold to other customers. No refund will be made for the canceled reservation.


The luggage storage is only available to guests staying at the hotel and it is a free service. You can use this service at check-in or check-out. In the case of trips or tours to the jungle, only passengers who pay at least one night back to the hotel will be entitled to this service, otherwise they must withdraw upon check-out with all their belongings.

Each baggage that is left in the hotel must be properly identified by a label with the name of the passenger, it must also be completely locked. The hotel will not be responsible for any loss that may occur in case of not fulfilling these requirements. Likewise, the use of this service is at the passenger's own risk and therefore the hotel will not be responsible for any loss or damage or for the content of the luggage or any other event that may occur during the course of the use of this service. Only the delivery of luggage to the holders of the same will be allowed and in no way will these be given to people who do not demonstrate having a link or power of the holder to do it. The maximum time for this service will be 1 week, after this time the hotel reserves the right to dispose of any luggage that has not been collected past the time limit (1 week). The hotel also reserves the right to give or not this service either due to reasons of availability or for other internal reasons.


The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any person without prior notice and to cancel any reservation without being responsible for any refund or compensation for the following reasons:

  • - Lack of documents such as passport or ID
  • - Minors without documents (passport or DNI) or who suspects or verifies that the minor is not a child of the adults or an adult who wishes to stay.
  • - The reservation has been paid through fraudulent means or was not duly paid in part or in full.
  • - The person doing the check in is not or can not prove that it is the person who made the reservation
  • - The person who intends to check in has a suspicious attitude or is shown in some way altered in their behavior.
  • - e has some negative information of the person doing the check in and of their behavior in other hotels


The hotel is not responsible for the information of our rooms that are referential or for the content of them. The layout and content of the rooms may vary according to season as well as the availability of them.

The hotel will not be responsible for the damages or losses of goods or values ​​left in the client's room and / or inside the hotel during the stay of this. Customers are advised to properly keep all their personal assets and values. We advise customers to purchase insurance against theft or loss during the trip.

Likewise, the hotel will not be held responsible for situations and acts of God that are beyond our responsibility, such as sudden illnesses, electrocution, drowning, heart disease, pains, deaths, accidents inside and / or outside the hotel premises, assaults and / or vandalism inside or outside the hotel. We advise our clients to purchase health insurance during the trip.


The hotel will retain all personal information you provide during booking, when you book directly with us or through the website you consent to the use and / or disclosure of your personal information to our branches, associates, affiliates, agents, business partners, service providers and / or any party committed to us to allow or assist us with the provision of services or to exercise and fulfill our rights referred to below and to what the hotel may find necessary according to its sole and absolute criteria for the following purposes:

  • - Process your reservation and other administrative purposes
  • - Provide assistance and customer services
  • - Send you information about products, services and special offers, promotions as well as surveys and questionnaires, with the option of the client to click and block the email if it is not desired.

We may also be legally bound to disclose, and you will consent to our irrevocable disclosure, your personal information to the government and law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and public authorities or may be required by law. This may involve sending your personal information to different countries.

We will try to make the best use of your personal information in the manner stipulated here and will not disclose your personal information without your prior written consent.